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Seedlings Unit

We have our independent and a unique state of art and professionally managed and technically competent seedlings unit which helps us produce economical and good quality products related to indoor- ornamental, plants.

Our nursery is custom designed for nurturing best quality seeds with a finer control over temperature and humidity of the nursery thereby providing best climate for the growth of plants.

Currently this nursery is used extensively for the production of varieties of Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants.

Unraveling the genetic system of a plant with a good drought tolerance or insect resistance is no simple task. It requires fundamental knowledge of plant genetics but also new strategies and techniques to utilize such knowledge in the breeding of plants.

We are an upcoming seedling companies in India with an expertise in Ornamental Seedlings in coco-peat trays under controlled conditions provided through Poly House. We also work closely with nurserymen in providing them with latest techno commercial knowledge on seedling plantation and crop management to make their farming enjoyable, successful and rewarding.

Spread across an area of 10 acres, our unit comprises of poly houses, net houses, hardening areas, water storage stations, generator sets backup and administrative office buildings etc. with a stable production capacity of seedlings.