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Poinsettia Nursery is one of the Biggest Wholesale Plant Nursery in Pune having knowledgeable staff, affordable prices, a great location, and top notch customer service.

Our Nursery's goal is to provide to the Agricultural and Landscape Clients the best varieties and the healthiest plants.


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It is only State-Of-Art Wholesale Nursery in Pune that specialize in wide variety of Poinsettia, Roses and Hibiscus plants. We are dedicated in providing a quality choice for people looking for plant and garden supplies, as well as serving contractors who need a reliable source of products. We will offer a wide variety of plants, trees, vegetable plants, along with a selection of garden supplies. We have a technology oriented Seedlings Unit.We use high quality manures and fertilizers for the proper growth and health of our plants. With a convenient location we intend to successfully market to the residential customer, as well as contractors and renters

We have a lot of experience in satisfying a lot of retail and wholesale customers & creating an unending list of happy customers. We help our clients to celebrate gardening and nature in its true colors. We have amazing live Plants, it is truly a Plant Lovers Paradise.